Sunday, 10 April 2011

My Support Network

This is a poster created in Glogster where I describe My reflection on:
• the range of support networks that are available to me both within and outside my organisation (offline and online)
• how I access specialist advice/further training
• how I keep up to date with current developments in my field
• what review mechanisms are available to me to help you upgrade my skills and knowledge
• how I evaluate current and future needs and keep abreast of evolving trends


  1. Great I could view it with Mozilla Firefox v 4.0 but not with Google Chrone v 11 or explorer v9. It was great to view your social network via enlarging the text. I love the stairs up into the sky or where ever you would to go. I will try this resource in the further journey I am on.
    Thanks Barbara

  2. Thanks, Ian. I intend to create my PL journey using Glogster too and include voice thread and twitter.

    The stairs lead to the day when I am officially as the e-portfolio consultant!
    I note you have joined the LEARNING & SKILLS GROUP as well - have you selected which sub groups to join yet?

    Have a lovely Easter
    Have a lovely Easter

  3. It's a great poster, Barbara and I like the photo too. It is symbolic of you moving ahead - Good luck with your e-consultancy!