Friday, 24 June 2011


Wordle: another Me!

This is how I would like people to remember me by - anything "e" goes! Electronic, internet-based, online is my habitat. I enjoy being online and meet strangers there. I love communicating and sharing ideas online especially reflecting by connecting with strangers online.

I have been using Web 2.0 technology for my own learning for the past five years: Blogs for reflecting with others, Wikis for collaboratively producing texts and editing documents, and Podcasting to broadcast my achievements in small episodes.

I have also used Wikis with my students of English for Academic Purposes - students enjoy doing their homework online: they are more aware that they are writing for a larger community so are more careful with what and how they write. I can give feedback on the online learning space and the feedback is available to the student as well as to their colleagues who haven't yet plucked the courage to write online themselves.

Within Bucks New University, I use Blackboard's tools - Blogs and Wikis with students and academics for different purposes. Students use Blogs for sharing their work and reflections with me and their peers. Formal documents are collaborativel edited on the Wiki.

However, I try to be economical, effective and efficient whenever I can and therefore make as much use a possible of online CPD programmes and online communication tools which are free - I believe in the saying: "The best things in life are free!" People know me as the Google Girl - as I make effective use of most things Google: Google search engine, Google Blogger, Google Sites, Google Docs, Google Chat, Google Map -just Google! In my current studies, I am using all things Google to research, collect, organise, document, report, etc.

Google has inspired me to develop new and exciting ways to bring learning to life and connect the classroom with a whole world of knowledge! The power of this technological transformation is enormous and I try and apply it to creating learning sessions that meet the needs of today's learners for tomorrow's technological workforce.

A new approach to educational change is needed to integrate technology into education!

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