Wednesday, 30 March 2011

Meeting with course team

This is one of the tasks in my e-Learning action plan: Yesterday I met L, J and S who are in the process of finalising an Operating Department Practice course (pre-registration) for launch Sept 11 and are keen to adopt the e-Portfolio.  I demonstrated the process and product of creating and developing e-Portfolios using my own experience as a participant on the t-eL course using tools such as PowerPoint, Google Sites including Google Apps, Wikis, Blogs and discussed the pros and cons of using an institution independent but guided by the tutors, student centred development portfolios which are embedded in the course and therefore assessed. We also looked at accessibility, security and confidentiality issues and agreed that for the needs identified, Google Sites - free from adverts has the essential elements: repository, reflection area, communication through the comments box, sharing by invitation.

In summary, L and team are going ahead with introducing e-Portfolios in the course and we have agreed to identify key teaching staff who will receive some training on the concept of e-Portfolios and their creation using Google Sites. This could be another example to be added to our paper to be presented at QEC in June 2011.
One of the points raised was linked to plagiarism and netiquette: I think these articles could help us find out how to deal with them.

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