Thursday, 17 March 2011

Mind Mapping Tools

Today I looked at the blog which is called 30+ Mind Mapping Tools. I need to select one tool so I can complete my assignment 2a which requires me to create a mind map that draws on the work I have completed for this topic and shows how, why and with whom I will use Web 2.0 tools.

I selected Wise Mapping and only because they are both free and completely web-based so I can use them from any computer with a browser. WiseMapping also allows for numerous distinctions between topics. on the other hand, is a flash based brainstorming tool that I  can share with others and also embed in to my site. Neither requires any downloads which I try to avoid in any case!

Mind mapping is something I don't do much of as I am used the linear outline format but this task will force me to use a diagram to represent words, ideas, tasks, or other items linked to and arranged around Web 2.0.
I'll come back here to write my reflections


  1. is rather limiting - allowed only 2 sheets and I had to keep deleting pages as the tool updates every 5 minutes and saves them as new sheets

  2. Hi Barbara I am trying Firefox here. I was typing away and it would not post. As you are aware I love Mind Mapping..I do it with everything..I have use with primary school kids for years I use Tony Buzan's material at

  3. I've used for this task as I find it really simple and intuitive to use.
    Haven't tried Wise Mapping yet so must check it out.

  4. I also used as it was simple enough even for me.