Wednesday, 9 March 2011

Sharing good practice

I have been using PbWorks with my students as an environment to develop their academic writing skills through dialogue in face to face seminars and online Comments which in itself is evidence of students' progress.

The main barrier is that not all students participate in the online sessions as wikis are not commonly used in other modules or by any other tutor in the nursing Faculty and therefore the tasks I set on the wiki are seen as "another new thing to learn" but not useful!

I feel there are lots of benefits in using wikis for developing writing skills collaboratively with online feedback from the tutor which is visible online to everyone on the course despite the time I invest in keeping track of all the changes and contributions.


  1. Wikis are a great tool for the classroom and so easy for the students to manage. I think the barrier is the tutors who put the whole idea in the too hard basket. The beauty with wikis is they engage the student. Although my students had poor LLN and were disengaged and disadvantaged they managed to create a wiki that showed accredited outcomes for 4 units of work. I was very proud of them.

  2. I tried to use it with my academic colleagues - sent draft meeting minutes with a request to edit their sections prior to our next meeting. No surprises - nothing done till the day of the meeting when I was told what they wanted edited!!!